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Risk Assessment Questionnaire

This questionnaire has been designed to help you assess your situation in regards to exposure to litigation and help reduce that risk, it applies to all Equine Yards not only Riding Schools.

These questions only cover a variety of general issues applicable to the Equine industry as the Health & Safety matters in this industry is vast.

These questions are also relevant to those training for BHS exams or NVQ's and to private owners/riders.

If you feel you need hand on, practical advice please contact us.


The questions score 1 point for Yes and zero points for a No/ I don't know answer and total at 113.


Score Rating:     60 or less    -   Severe Risk                                                                                                 

                                 60 to 90    -   High Risk

                               90 to 110    -   At Risk (Loopholes)

                                       110+   -   Performing Well


1.  Fire Risk


1.1.  Do you have fire notices?                                Yes / No / I Don't Know

1.2.  Are they correctly filled out?

1.3.  Is this a legal requirement?

1.4.  Do you have No Smoking signs?

1.5.  Is this a legal requirement?

1.6.  Do you have a fire plan?

1.7.  Do you have fire drills?

1.8.  Are these legally required?

1.9.  Do you have fire extinguishers?

1.10.  Do you know the different types?

1.11.  Do you know when to use them?

1.12.  Do you know how to use them?

1.13.  Do you know how often to service them?

1.14.  Do you know where to site extinguishers?

1.15.  Do you have sand/water buckets?

1.16.  Do you have an assembly point?

1.17.  Do you have an escape plan for horses?

1.18.  Are you responsible for employee fire, injury/death?

1.19.  Do you know the maximum legal penalty?

1.20. Are all combustables stored seperately from the stable area?

1.21.  Are all electrical appliances, sockets and plugs safety checked?

1.22.  Do you have well signed Exits?

1.23. Do you know where to post fire notices?

1.24. Do you get advice from your local fire brigade?

2.  Employment / Employees


2.1.  Do you have Employer Liability Insurance?

2.2.  Is it publicly displayed?

2.3.  Is it a legal requirement?

2.4.  Do you have Public Liability Insurance?

2.5.  Is it a legal requirement?

2.6.  Do you have any obligations to your insurers?

2.7.  Do new employees/ trainees complete a Health & Safety induction before starting?

2.8.  Do they sign and have witnessed a form to confirm this?

2.9.  Is there a penalty in Law for not doing so?

2.10.  Are risk assessments for work practise on the premises carried out?

2.11.  Are they performed in the first week of employment?

2.12.  Are the results of assessments acted upon?

2.13.  Do you know the difference between helping out or being an employee?

2.14.  Do you know at which age a person becomes an employee?

2.15.  Do you know what constitutes payment?

2.16.  Do you know about RIDDOR?

2.17.  Do you have RIDDOR forms?

2.18.  Do you know when it becomes mandatory to have them?

2.19.  Do you know when it is mandatory to complete them?

2.20.  Is there a legal penalty for not complying with RIDDOR?

2.21.  Do you know regulations on exposure to the elements?

2.22.  Do you know regulations on exposure to hazardous substances?

2.23.  Do you know regulations on use of machinery?

2.24.  Do you know regulations on use of land-vehicles?

2.25.  Do you know and practise guidelines for heavy manuel lifting?

2.26.  Do you know COSH regulations?

2.27.  Do you have cosh notices?

2.28.  Is it compulsory to provide protective clothing/ dust masks?

2.29.  Do you know how often employees have breaks?

2.30.  Do you know the minimum times for these?

2.31.  Do you know about Holiday Entitlement and pay?

2.32.  Do you know about sick absence and pay?


3.  Accidents


3.1.  Do you hsve a Health & Safety notice?

3.2.  Is it correctly filled out?

3.3.  Is this a legal requirement?

3.4.  Do you have an accident book?

3.5.  Do you know when this should be filled out?

3.6.  Do you have First-Aid notices?

3.7.  Are they easily accessible?

3.8.  Do you know what to do in the event of an accident?

3.9.  Do you have qualified First - Aiders?

3.10.  Is this a legal requirement?


4.  Staff / Public Amenities


4.1.  Is there running hot water available?

4.2.  Is this legally needed?

4.3.  Do you have drinking water?

4.5.  Do you have decent toilet facilities?

4.6.  If open to the public, do you have disabled facilities?

4.7.  Do you have hygienic food prep and eating areas?

4.8.  Are these legal requirements?


5.  Stables / Tack - Rooms


5.1.  Are your stables of the correct size and solid construction?

5.2.  Are the doors a proper width and height with kick bolts?

5.3.  Are internal fittings safely positioned?

5.4.  Are they well ventilated without drafts?

5.5.  Do they drain healthily?

5.6.  Is access and exit quick and easy for horses and people?

5.7.  Do you have an isolation box / area?

5.8.  Are there definite procedures in place for these?

5.9.  Are your tack - rooms alarmed?

5.10.  Do they have security locks?

5.11.  Are there any windows?

5.12.  If so, are these barred?

5.13.  Are the doors steel - plated?

5.14.  If not do they have steel - grills?


6.  Fencing / Fields


6.1.  Are your gates hung correctly and open in the correct position?

6.2.  Is your fencing safe and a good height?

6.3.  Do you have warning signs on electric fencing?

6.4.  Do you have treated Post & Rail fencing?

6.5.  Is Sheep - Netting or Wire fencing safe?

6.6.  Is single Barbed - Wire strand on top of fences safe?

6.7.  Are your fields free of wire, metal Etc.

6.8.  Are your field free of ragwort, poisonous plants, acorns Etc.

6.9.  Do they have shade and shelter?

6.10.  Do they have constant water?

6.11.  Is grazing supplemented when poor?


7.  Protection Notices


7.1.  Do you have Disclaimer Notices?

7.2.  Do you have notices for Yard Rules?

7.3.  Do you have notices for School Rules?

7.4.  Do you have notices displaying important contact numbers in case of emergencies?

7.5.  Are these prominently displayed?


8.  Insurance


8.1.  Do you have Riding - School cover?

8.2.  Do you have cover for Hacking / Trekking?

8.3.  Do you have cover for Shows / Events?

8.4.  Do you have insurance for Custody and Control?

8.5.  Do you have Buldings and Contents?

8.6.  Do you legally need this insurance?

8.7. Do you have any obligations to your Insurers other than your premium?