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Equine Legal Practices

Kilcradin Solicitors

Kilcradin Solicitors are a firm of solicitors specialising in equine and bloodstock law. We can provide a full range of equine legal services including:

Horse sale and purchase agreements;

Livery agreements;

Horse sale and purchase disputes;

Ownership disputes;

Veterinary negligence claims;

Equine accident claims;


Stud/nomination agreements; and

Horse welfare.

65 St Edmunds Church Street
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Spencers Solicitors

Spencers Solicitors are personal injury solicitors that are highly experienced in dealing with equine related accidents. Our expertise in this specialist legal area enables us to provide comprehensive, representative advice to all individuals involved in the equestrian domain.

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Jaqui Fulton Equine Law

Advice on any equine legal dispute

Sale and purchse disputes

Sale, loan, lease, ivery and ownership agreements

Disciplinary hearings

Vetererinary disputes

Horse theft

Many years of professional competion & yard management experience

Tel:  0121 308 5915   Email:  [email protected]  


Withy King Solicitors
Tel: 01672 514781

Bythe Liggins Solicitors

Equine Law Unit
10 partner firm with 15 years experience in equine work
Richard Thornton Tel: 01926 831231 email: [email protected]  

Laytons Solicitors

Tel: 0161 834 2100


Travers Smith Tel: 020 7295 3000


Casalier Chambers Tel: 01306 632100


Russell Jones & Walker
Tel: 0870 1430970


Blake Lapthorn Tarlo Lyons Tel: 02380 857108  


Silver Shemmings LLP-Solicitors   Equine law division to assist in Equine related matters such as Loan and Stud Agreements Contracts of Sale Professional Negligence Commercial Property Boundary and Tenancy   Contact Robert Shawyer Tel. 02920 474570 Email [email protected]

Shaw & Co Solicitors
Equine Law Specialists
for advice on accident claims, valuation disputes, property matters and risk management
Free initial consultation
Freephone 0800 019 1248 or 0191 261 5802
Chris Shaw or Mary Ann Charles